National Shortage

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We have been advised of a global supply issue affecting the availability nationally of the blood tubes used for blood tests and this is now having an impact on the number of tests that are being carried out

The shortage means surgeries and other healthcare settings are having to restrict the number of blood tests they can carry out and reduce non-clinically urgent testing.

However local clinical leaders have reassured patients that blood tests will only be deferred where it is clinically safe to do so.

The supply position of the equipment remains constrained and is forecast to become even more constrained over the coming weeks.  While it is anticipated that the position will improve from the middle of September, overall supply is likely to remain challenging for a significant period.

Non-urgent advice: Please note

Anyone who needs a test for urgent health problems will still get one, but where your clinician recommends that it’s safe to do so, then you may be asked to come back for a test at a later date, or your appointment may be rescheduled.

Given the nature of the shortage, we cannot give an exact date for when the test will be rescheduled, but please be assured that if your condition or symptoms require it, then you will get a test, and we will be re-booking your test when supplies become more easily available.

If your condition or symptoms change or get worse, please contact the NHS as you would normally.

We thank you all in advance for your understanding during this unprecedented situation and we aim to keep all our patients updated on the situation.

Thank you