Fire Safety (Do you live in high rise premises?)

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Do you live in high rise premises?

Following the serious fatal fire on 14 June 2017 at Grenfell Tower, London. The Fire and Rescue Service promote the free offer of a home fire safety visit to residents and home owners.

These visits are an effective and proven way of delivering fire safety information directly and help householders to reduce the risk of fire in their home.

Following four key fire safety questions:

  • Does the householder have a working smoke alarm?
  • If the smoke alarm activates, would the householder be able to hear it?
  • Does the householder know what to do if the smoke alarm activates?
  • Is the householder able to get out of the premises if the smoke alarm activated?

If the householder answers no to any of the above questions please ask your GP for a fire safety referral.

Freephone number for WMFS Home Safety Centre which is 0800 389 5525.